Pia and Mikael

11 images Created 4 Nov 2016

Pia has an autistic son called Mikael. Mikael's autism can lead to violent behavior when he feels the world around him isn't organized. In teenage years violent behavior was targeted mostly towards his mother Pia. She bought ice hockey equipment to protect herself if things went too hard to handle. Soon Pia had to make a hard decision not to live permanently in the same household with Mikael. Mikael now stays mostly with his dad Pasi. Mikael, Pia and Pasi practice every day to keep the world tolerable for Mikael. For Pia and Mikael the safest environment is nature. This work consists of two audio-slideshows made for Autismisäätiö in 2013–2014.
Links to videos (in finnish): https://vimeo.com/104860383
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